Advisory Council – Area responsible for the preparation of theses, councils and advice on the current and recurrent problems faced by our customers in the business-labor sphere; advising major companies in order to prevent contingencies in case of acquisition, merger and liquidation of companies; advice and assistance to human resources departments of companies in order to assist in structuring and implementing  internal policies of conduct, remuneration, compensation and payment of benefits; assisting in the preparation of Prevention Program (“PPRA”) and Control Programs and Occupational Health Physician (“PCMSO”) in order to adapt them to the existing legislation; assisting in implementation of benefit plans, profit sharing plans or results (“PLR”), stock options, voluntary severance plans (“PDV”), variable compensation; “legal coaching” focused on the development of managers, organization and participation in due diligences, with focus on calculation of labor liabilities and containment contingency (risk plan).

Judicial Litigation  – Area responsible for preparing procedural documents in labor claims brought by employees or trade unions; development, demonstration and manifestation about severance calculations, accounting expert reports and evaluations of labor liabilities for purposes of due diligences; performance in hearings at all levels of Labor Court; attending meetings and “conference calls”.

Administrative Litigation – Area responsible for providing assistance in all attending, hearing and roundtables scheduled by the Regional Secretaries of Labor and Employment (“SRTE”), trade unions or class associations; development of administrative defense and appeal in infraction notices by inspectors and auditors work; monitoring preparatory procedures and/or investigative, civil investigation and public civil action started by Public Ministry of Labor (“MPT”); negotiation of Terms of Conduct Adjustment (“TAC”), with strong presence in business consulting union, especially in collective bargaining and strike disputes, both in judicial and extrajudicial spheres; advice for implementation of collective labor agreements and collective bargaining agreements. 

Contract – Area responsible for drafting and reviewing contracts with focus on labor issues; drafting and revision of collective agreements and presentation of strategies for trading in conventional terms; analysis of flexibility ways in labor relations and their risks for the company; advice in implementing variable pay plans, through the development system for participation in profits (“PLR”), or even career frameworks; drafting contracts for expatriates. 


Advisory Council – Area responsible for the preparation of consultation and advice, operational guidance, negotiation and structuring of contracts, assessment of risks and responsibilities (and non-contractual), always aiming to provide the customer preventive analysis and/or preparation for any contingency.

Litigation – Area responsible for providing advice on all administrative and judicial level.

Contract – Area responsible for reviewing and drafting contracts.


Advisory Council – Area responsible for assisting in conflicts with consumer products and services; guiding the best form to fulfill the consumer legislation; elaborating councils and advice; evaluating risks and responsibilities; guiding business structuring and specific issues brought to the attention of the bodies responsible for consumer protection.

Litigation – Area responsible for all proceedings in consumer disputes.

Contract – Area responsible for assisting in the preparation of operational manuals; drafting contracts; preparation of publicity materials in advertising of goods and services for consumption; development and review all forms of contracts involving consumer relations. 


Advisory Council – Area responsible for advising on negotiations involving purchase, sale, acquisition and real estate development; drafting contracts involving urban and rural properties; structure analysis of negotiations and real estate projects, monitoring of proceedings before the notary services, registries of property,  offices and public forum in general, regularization of properties before the PMSP (SEHAB, CONTRU and others). 

Litigation – Area responsible for providing advice in any case of dispute.


Advisory Council – Area responsible for preparation of theses, councils and advices with focus on maritime commerce and international freight transport; study of market practices involving negotiations with shipowners, charterers and shippers.

Litigation – Area responsible for development and reviewing of procedural documents, with focus on filing of precautionary measures and obtain injunctions from the Courts from all regions of Brazil; performance in hearings at all levels of Labor Court; attending meetings and “conference calls”.

Contract – Area responsible for drafting contracts and bills of lading (“BL”), and by advising clients in negotiating, in order to establish more favorable conditions of goods carriage; advice on all forms contract. 

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